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Size a system to suit your needs and budget.

At Sun People, we’ve been helping households and communities across the Illawarra to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint by switching to affordable solar power.

We can help you to invest in a reliable, sustainable and affordable solar power package that meets your price and energy needs. You’ll save money on rising electricity prices, and help save the planet at the same time.


Our strength lies in our flexibility. If you have an existing solar system, we can add extra panels to your array, install new batteries or offer better quality inverters with built in technology for batteries and Reposit Power.

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The installers were well presented, punctual and cleaned up after themselves, we were very happy with the service
Christine Di Bella
Right from the start we were met with professional enthusiastic people, they explained the entire installation to us and how it worked
Ruby Furness
I found the team to be reliable & friendly, nothing was too much trouble
Justin Chinnock
The solution isn't coal, though - it's storage
Paul Graham (CSIRO energy division's principal research scientist)
I think the obligation on us and every country in the world is to move as quickly as we can towards zero emissions electricity.
Dr Finkel (Chief Science Advisor)

Size a system to suit your needs and budget.