Solar Power Storage

Australia has an abundance of sunshine, but storing that solar power efficiently is the key to a well-designed solar power system.

The new generation of lithium-ion batteries makes solar power storage efficient, affordable and easy to use, delivering more storage capacity in smaller and lighter batteries.

Here at Sun People we have done the homework for you. We have found and offer the best quality and value lithium-ion batteries for solar power storage: the LG Chem RESU; and the Enphase AC battery.

Our battery options can be easily installed with your existing solar system. This allows you to effortlessly harness and store the sun’s free energy, so it is ready for you to use every night.

Size a system to suit your needs and budget.

LG Chem Battery

Established in 1947, LG Chem is one of the world’s leading battery manufacturers, producing the market-leading lithium-ion battery: LG Chem RESU. Its sleek modern design is efficient, safe and easy to install either indoors or outdoors.

LG Chem has used revolutionary technology in the design and construction of their lithium-ion batteries, ensuring you get industry-leading energy density and safety. In the event of a black-out, the LG Chem battery is able to release power it has stored during the day to keep your lights on and energy needs met.

There are five models in the RESU range, with a size-option for every household. If your household gets bigger and your energy needs grow, it’s easy to add on extra LG Chem RESU batteries to increase your storage capacity.


The Enphase AC battery is a low-cost solar power storage unit that connects directly to your household wiring, making it quick and easy to install. Enphase offers user friendly interfaces so you can view battery performance and better understand your energy usage. This allows you to get the most out of your energy system.

The Enphase AC unit also reduces your need for high-voltage DC power indoors, meaning it’s a safe and reliable way to reduce your dependence on electricity from the grid.

Its lithium-ion technology ensures the Enphase AC has a long battery life, backed up by its 10-year warranty.

Enphase AC solar battery
The installers were well presented, punctual and cleaned up after themselves, we were very happy with the service
Christine Di Bella
Right from the start we were met with professional enthusiastic people, they explained the entire installation to us and how it worked
Ruby Furness
I found the team to be reliable & friendly, nothing was too much trouble
Justin Chinnock
The solution isn't coal, though - it's storage
Paul Graham (CSIRO energy division's principal research scientist)
I think the obligation on us and every country in the world is to move as quickly as we can towards zero emissions electricity.
Dr Finkel (Chief Science Advisor)

Size a system to suit your needs and budget.