The inverter is the heart of your renewable energy system. As one of the most important and costly  components, careful consideration is required when selecting this product.

The inverter converts power from your solar panels into usable electricity for your home or business. The efficiency of your inverter determines how much solar power is converted.

We offer a wide range of inverters to suit every situation and budget. These include: SolaX, Sungrow, Enphase, Fronius and SMA. These inverters are tested for, and matched with, the Australian climate to ensure you maximise your solar energy.

Solar X has proven itself a world leader in the solar industry and their inverters are simple, reliable and efficient, offering up to 97.6% efficiency.

Sungrow are one of the world’s largest inverter manufacturers. We at Sun People proudly offer the Sungrow SH5K+ as our Hybrid inverter option. Hybrid inverters are designed to charge, and discharge, solar batteries such as the LG Chem RESU.

The Enphase Micro Inverter is a highly efficient inverter that converts the DC power at the solar panel. This means each solar panel acts independently which increases the overall performance of your system.

Fronius, an Austrian company established in 1945, create some of the best inverters in the world. They are highly regarded for their efficiency, reliability and advanced features, such as built-in WIFI connectivity with system monitoring software.  

The SMA Group, a global market leader, have been delivering some of the most popular and reliable inverters on the market for over 30 years. SMA offers a wide range of products and solutions that allow for high energy yields for residential and commercial solar systems. SMA inverters also offer intelligent home energy management solutions.

Size a system to suit your needs and budget.

SolaX Inverters

SolaX is a brand committed to ‘planting a greener future’, and they’ve built a world-class reputation as the manufacturer of the inverters of tomorrow.

SolaX products are designed, tested and manufactured to the highest global standards, with an emphasis on a high-quality product with a sleek, modern design.

SolaX inverters deliver high efficiency of up to 97.6%, and they offer a range suited for all system sizes, whether you’re upgrading your current system or installing a new one. The combination of battery storage and a SolaX inverter ensures you’ll have consistent access to solar power, even during blackouts, storms or simple rain showers.

SolaX inverters are suited for use both indoors and outdoors, and come with benefits such as the in-built monitoring system, that lets you easily track your solar power storage and manage the system through your phone or tablet. With these benefits at an affordable price, it’s little wonder SolaX are one of our inverter brands of choice.

Enphase Microinverters

Enphase have revolutionised the way solar systems are designed and installed. The Enphase Micro Inverter converts the sun’s rays, collected on each solar panel, directly into power to use in your home.

Enphase Microinverters allow each panel to operate independently, increasing performance in  mornings, evenings, cloudy days or any other lowlight conditions. This maximises your system’s production and allows for a safer installation that’s second to none.

Enphase Micro Inverters’ streamlined components make for quick, cost-effective installation and come with a 10-year warranty, to ensure you get a great return on investment.

SMA Inverters

Founded in 1981, the German based company SMA is one of the most reliable and advanced inverter developers in the world. SMA is consistently voted the most preferred inverter brand in the world.

With a broad range of products on offer to suit any application, SMA inverters can deliver a flexible solution to provide clean energy directly from the sun to your home.

SMA Solar Power Inverters

SMA’s extended warranty fully covers a replacement inverter as well as shipping and on site installation costs.

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Size a system to suit your needs and budget.